SOME MISSING, SOME FOUND Detail (1) 2 3 4 5

Wood and Paper- 52" X 52" X 36"- 2003

Multi layered work consisting of a tree trunk, family information, and maps. The piece started with the tree trunk onto which I stapled missing signs for every person in my current family. I sent a letter with a questionnaire to each person for them to fill out and send back to me. When I received forms back, I then tore the missing signs off of the trunk and placed them onto the wall with all the information (family names and pictures) that they sent back with the questionnaires. I then gave each one received back a number. That number correlated with a number on a flag pin that was placed on a maps where they now live. Details are of the returned questionnaires showing the pictures and letters that were sent (details 2 and 4), the maps (detail 3), and the tree trunk (detail 5). The maps are layered starting with the United States and moving to the state of Oklahoma, then to the county and city of Woodward.

Totem series statement