Gretchen Potts Artist Statement (Visca Pisces series)

     This elongated elliptical shape is reminiscent of seeds or shells but, a closer inspection of the form reveals that it is the shape of the vesica pisces. The form is easily one of the most profound geometrical images of ancient and modern times. The vesica pisces was used in ancient cultures such as Egyptian, Native American, and African, but has been adopted by more modern cultures and religions. The Egyptians used the symbol to speak of creation or the cycle of life and time, such as the Eye of Horus.The vesica pisces is the shape that is formed when two circles meet, hence its meaning of balance. I use this shape to show the meshing of two materials, or essences that come together to create a whole. The identity of two separate entities could be two sides of a family or the love of two parents which come together to create a new being, who is made up of those two strengths and stands on its own.

Gretchen Potts

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